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  • Process Driven

    We are an Apparel Manufacturer with Multiproduct Capabilities and a Global Presence.
    Partnering with you from Design to Delivery.

  • Nurture Passion for Innovation & Creativity

  • Deep Respect for Individuals and Ecosystem

  • Deliver excellent Quality to Stakeholders and Society at large

  • Be a Responsible Corporate & Social citizen

  • Commitment to Honesty & Transparency

  • Respect for Democratic process, Change & Joy

Know Us


Core Purpose

To nurture passion for innovation and creativity.

Core Values

  • • Deep respect for individuals and ecosystem.

  • • Deliver excellent quality to stakeholders and society at large.

  • • Be a responsible corporate and social citizen.

  • • Commitment to honesty and transparency.

  • • Respect for democratic process, change and joy.


To become a dominant and most admired player in the chosen fields.


  • Attract, develop and retain innovative and creative people.

  • Evolve and upgrade our knowledge, technology, systems, processes, products and services.

  • Encourage organic and inorganic growth initiatives.


Our Core Committee members are responsible for the firm’s policies, business plan, budget and annual goals.

  • Mahendra Karle


    Mahendra Karle has been with the company since 1980, and currently guides the firm’s leadership, vision, policies, values and culture. He is also the main driving force behind forging and sustaining the firm’s strategic partnerships with international brands.

  • K S Prasanna


    K.S. Prasanna joined the company in 1975. He oversees the firm’s apparel manufacturing team, with a focus on innovation and industrial engineering. Additionally, he is responsible for expanding the firm’s manufacturing capacity.

  • Gururaj Bhat


    Gururaj Bhat has been in the finance division for over 29 years, rising to the position of CFO in 2004. He guides the firm in the areas of costing, budgeting and fund planning. He also oversees Accounting, Tax and Statutory Planning.

Zero Defect & Beyond

The standards of perfection are always changing; what is considered to have no defects today could be thought of as defective tomorrow. We are prepared in advance for tomorrow’s benchmark of “zero defect” because we:

  • • Recognize that quality is fundamental in everything we do.

  • • Control quality through controlling process.

  • • Refine our systems and processes ahead of the ever-changing customer needs.

See Our Process


Our capabilities are broad enough to handle different styles across different seasons, making us the strategic partner of choice for brands that want high quality products and sourcing efficiency.

  • • Capable of producing highly constructed garments and working with fluid fabrics

  • • Caters to both the premium and mid-market segments

  • • Flexible sewing lines for producing multiple products


Our aim is to create joy through everything we do. When our teams work together, each individual brings different skills and knowledge to the creation process. And from these disparate parts emerges a whole that is greater than what any individual could have achieved on his or her own, bringing joy to the team. We also want our clients, vendors and extended community to feel joy when engaging with us.


We truly believe that our success and growth lies with the client’s growth. Hence, we partner with clients by working to fulfill their needs as if they were our own, rather than working only in the capacity of a vendor. We are able to build trusting, long term relationships with clients because of our commitment to honesty and transparency.

Our People

We value every individual and his/her beliefs and advocate the philosophy of “treat people the way you want people to treat you” among our employees. There are many employees who have been with us for over 2 decades. This is a powerful statement, and it indicates how strongly the values of respect and equality are embedded in our organization.

We make a point to foster a culture that enhances each individual’s creativity and allows employees to gain self-satisfaction.

  • • Encourage active listening

  • • Engage people at all levels for open discussion

  • • Push employees to learn and experiment without fear of failure

  • • Recognize and reward those who come up with innovative solutions

Our Community

Acting as responsible corporate and social citizens, giving back to society, and creating value for the community at large are of paramount importance to us. We do this because we believe it is the correct way to live and the right way to run a business.

Feel Our Joy


It is one of our most fundamental beliefs that change is constant. You could say that it is encoded in our DNA, as all of our other philosophies flow from the idea that we should be and always will be changing. And so every day we ask ourselves how we can improve our products, processes, and people, so that these incremental changes help us evolve.


  • • Leading manufacturer of woven apparel for over 40 years with 3000+ employees.

  • • 3 state-of-the-art factories with infrastructure established around process.

  • • 6 million units / annum production capacity across multiple products.

  • • Partners with client along supply chain from design to delivery.

  • • Fully equipped laundry, embroidery and materials testing centre.

  • • Operations started with 600+ machines in Africa.


  • 1972

  • 1989

  • 1995

  • 1996

  • 2000

  • 2003

  • 2007

  • 2013

  • Apparel division established by L.T. Karle.

    Started manufacturing outerwear.

    Introduced QC / QAD in-process inspection, audit & Statistical Process Control (SPC).

    Established 100% export oriented factory. Production capacity increased to 250K units per month

    Obtained self-clearance license from Indian customs. Initiated employee care initiatives.

    Received “Best Vendor” Award from large US client, and again in 2004, 2006 & 2009.

    New factory inaugurated. Total production capacity increased to 500K units/month.

    Initiated plans for expanding manufacturing into Africa.


151, Industrial Suburb, Yeshwanthpur Bangalore - 560022. India

(080) 23577460, 23577009, 23576863 (080) 23374729, 23473442

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